today is a sad day.

alexander mcqueen committed suicide today.

i am sitting in class right now and learned off this not 5 minutes ago, and tears are falling down my face.
this is an extremely sad loss. i am shocked beyond belief.

so sad, i hope he is in a better place with no pain.


where the treetops glisten and children listen...

oh yes.
it is that time of year again, christmas! how excited is everyone? i kicked things off with an early present for myself :

the teen vogue handbook is officially mine, i couldn't wait! and yes i realize it is intended to be read by people who are interested in a career in fashion, but the content is just brilliant! i am so fascinated with all of the "behind-the-scenes" work, and i recommend this book to everyone who loves fashion! i particularly love the articles on alexander wang and pat mcgrath.

so it's only 8 days until christmas time and canada unfortunately has no snow! i am vacationing in florida this christmas so i am DYING for there to be a thick blanket of snow for when i return for new years.

well just a quick post today! if i don't post another entry before i leave, i wish everyone a fantastic _______________ (fill in the blank with whatever holiday(s) you celebrate this time) and all the best in 2010!!!

lots of love xo.


i'm alive, i am so alive.

so i have taken some time to redirect where i am going with this blog thing. i have decided to continue with my "musings" and maybe try some new things along the way. i haven't even done this thing for a year yet, so i'm still getting the hang of it!

recently i have developed a major obsession with the lovely little sprite that is tavi gevinson and her blog "style rookie". wearing designer pieces and thrifted touches, little tavi shares her opinions on the latest designers, art, etc, and did i mention she is just 13? crazy! when i was 13, i was running around in my jeans and t-shirts like the little tomboy i was. i remember stumbling across her blog some time ago, but now she is a household name. EVERYONE knows her, and she has her own t-shirt. again, crazy! who knows? by the time she is 16 perhaps she'll reach BryanBoy fame?
tavi, 13 year old fashion whiz

me @ 13. just has no clue, ew.


in a new york state of mind.

so, i blinked and now my trip to nyc is sadly over. but it was fabulous while it lasted!

not only was i blessed with absolutely beautiful weather, but i was able to get lots done! i successfully tackled the shopping areas of 5th avenue (BENDELS <3) and soho (yellow rat bastard) saw two amazing shows; hair and billy elliot (see both if you have a chance they will change your life!), and just generally enjoyed soaking in my surroundings.

oh dear, we SHALL see each other again, my beloved city. coming soon : nyc shopping haul post!



east meets west

so i believe i have found a new look...

yes they are both stick on, but they are gorgeous, no?


retail therapy and sasha fierce.

so my week has been quite lovely. i got quite alot of shopping done! here are some of the things i have gotten this week:

Where The Wild Things Are T-Shirt (couldn't resist!)

My "Bible", The Fashion Book

Grey Gardens Fantastic Fantastic film! Drew Barrymore is stunning!

Some nice new colored pencils, just because.

Kimchi & Blue Brown Summer Dress

Kimchi & Blue Pink Flats

Coach High-Top Sneakers

Some Nice Shiny Oxfords

C O Bigelow Rose Salve, mmmmmm

Vestal Purple Striped "Inside Out" Tank

TNA Cat Face Tank

Wilfred Silk Tulip Skirt

phew! i'm pretty sure i am fully stocked now for at least a couple more weeks until the spending begins again!

oh and btw,
i saw beyonce on monday night in toronto


this officially ends the longest post of life


If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense...


the teaser trailer for tim burton's adaptation of "alice in wonderland" has JUST leaked and i am in LOVE! i absolutely cannot wait until march 2010.

here is the link below, not the best of quality but STILL AMAZING!


on another film note, we won't have to wait too long for this next film: the september issue. a juicy film which reveals the inner workings of vogue magazine lead by its ringleader, editor anna wintour.


SO EXCITED! what's on your "to be watched" list?


a few of my favorite things: part 2

this is my bow tie. it is spectacular (my collar, however, is not).

sometimes i will wear it in my hair for fun. it makes me feel like minnie mouse.

truth is, it isn't a real bow tie. it is a hair clip. but it's still quite lovely, isn't it?


a few of my favorite things: part 1

so....today i was feeling quite inspired, and by all things, my room. my sad attempts to try and be organized humor me, but i really love the shelves in my room. the way i have created little libraries upon them make me kind of happy and i just like looking at them. without further discussion, here are my shelves:

this is my library of all of the books i have decided to keep in my life. i like them, even though i am in the middle of about half of them. some are missing too. i like the ones that i have kept from when i was 10 years of age. those ones just make me smile alot.

my other library. all the white makes it look so pretty and clean. i'm pretty sure this is the most organized space in my life.

ah yes, a collection of my movies. most of them i have collected since middle school and i just really like them all. some of them i just buy because they sound interesting even though i don't know too much about the plot or anything. its always a good result and i end up watching them all over and over again.

ok so i know, this isn't a shelf, but doesn't it seem like it with all the junk crammed into the frame? i love it. its also kind of funny when my image just appears because sometimes i forget it's a mirror.

that's all for now
what next?