where the treetops glisten and children listen...

oh yes.
it is that time of year again, christmas! how excited is everyone? i kicked things off with an early present for myself :

the teen vogue handbook is officially mine, i couldn't wait! and yes i realize it is intended to be read by people who are interested in a career in fashion, but the content is just brilliant! i am so fascinated with all of the "behind-the-scenes" work, and i recommend this book to everyone who loves fashion! i particularly love the articles on alexander wang and pat mcgrath.

so it's only 8 days until christmas time and canada unfortunately has no snow! i am vacationing in florida this christmas so i am DYING for there to be a thick blanket of snow for when i return for new years.

well just a quick post today! if i don't post another entry before i leave, i wish everyone a fantastic _______________ (fill in the blank with whatever holiday(s) you celebrate this time) and all the best in 2010!!!

lots of love xo.


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  2. I may just have to check that book out if I can get my hands on it. Hope you're having a beautiful week :)