a few of my favorite things: part 1

so....today i was feeling quite inspired, and by all things, my room. my sad attempts to try and be organized humor me, but i really love the shelves in my room. the way i have created little libraries upon them make me kind of happy and i just like looking at them. without further discussion, here are my shelves:

this is my library of all of the books i have decided to keep in my life. i like them, even though i am in the middle of about half of them. some are missing too. i like the ones that i have kept from when i was 10 years of age. those ones just make me smile alot.

my other library. all the white makes it look so pretty and clean. i'm pretty sure this is the most organized space in my life.

ah yes, a collection of my movies. most of them i have collected since middle school and i just really like them all. some of them i just buy because they sound interesting even though i don't know too much about the plot or anything. its always a good result and i end up watching them all over and over again.

ok so i know, this isn't a shelf, but doesn't it seem like it with all the junk crammed into the frame? i love it. its also kind of funny when my image just appears because sometimes i forget it's a mirror.

that's all for now
what next?

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  1. For some reason I absolutely love seeing other people's shelves! Ooh I love how you've kept all your magazines, and the mirror looks wonderful :)