i'm alive, i am so alive.

so i have taken some time to redirect where i am going with this blog thing. i have decided to continue with my "musings" and maybe try some new things along the way. i haven't even done this thing for a year yet, so i'm still getting the hang of it!

recently i have developed a major obsession with the lovely little sprite that is tavi gevinson and her blog "style rookie". wearing designer pieces and thrifted touches, little tavi shares her opinions on the latest designers, art, etc, and did i mention she is just 13? crazy! when i was 13, i was running around in my jeans and t-shirts like the little tomboy i was. i remember stumbling across her blog some time ago, but now she is a household name. EVERYONE knows her, and she has her own t-shirt. again, crazy! who knows? by the time she is 16 perhaps she'll reach BryanBoy fame?
tavi, 13 year old fashion whiz

me @ 13. just has no clue, ew.

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  1. Tavi is pretty amazing. I always wonder what she will dress like when she is older, it's rather an exciting possibility really. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend :)