oh yes, hello, have we met?

so i've had some difficulty updating the space as I have pretty much stayed at home for all of march break and nothing too exciting has happened. although, there is ALOT that will be coming up very soon for me! Starting off this Sunday when I venture to Toronto to see Spring Awakening at last!!! (dies) then 4 days after that i'm jetting off to italy for 11 days, what a dream! i've already started (attempting at least) to pack and get whatever I need. today I picked up this lovely red trench from H&M to bring long, and just for some fun I had a photo shoot in my garden! here is a preview:

that's pretty much all for now, perhaps i'll talk to you later?

oh and p.s. check out A Fine Frenzy. I love her music! I don't even know why I didn't know about her before!

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